Ckeditor is best and smart editor to get input from user side.its really good editor with smart toolbars.Ckeditor gives you a lots of options to add  any type of contents. you can use ckeditor every where with their this blog you can see step by step guide about how to setup CKEditor in your Website.

Step 1 : Download CKeditor

There are four types of CKEditor

  • Basic Package
  • Standard Package
  • Full Package
  • Customize

You can download Ckeditor as per your requirement.

Step 2 : Link Ckeditor in your web page

  • Put ckeditor in your website root or in directory where you can aces the js files
  • Include   ckeditor js file into your HTML page
  • We can also use CKeditor CDN

Step 3 : Replace the textarea with ckeditor

  • CKEDITOR.replace( ‘editor1’ ); this is js function for replace textarea to smart CKEditor
  • “editor1” is the name or id of textarea
        <meta charset="utf-8">
        <title>CK Editor Example</title>
        <script src="Js_file_path/ckeditor.js"/></script>
            <textarea name="editor1" id="editor1" rows="10" cols="80">
               This Textarea Replaced By CKEditor.
                           CKEDITOR.replace( 'editor1' );

Now you can see the great CK Editor in your web page. There are lots of toolbar options and configuration settings in CkEditor. for more information you can visit CKEditor Official site CkEditor Official Site and see the sets of toolbar options.If you don’t understand any thing and need help to integrate CKEditor in your website  then please comment us.