How to install wordpress in easiest way
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WordPress is a php CMS, using WordPress you can make perfect website for your business. Today’s world lots of websites are in WordPress its because WordPress is easy to install and easy to develop  blogging site. Any one can use it to make smart website. if you use WordPress  then don’t need developer for informative now i am explain you how to setup WordPress.

Requirement :

(Requirement or versions depend on WordPress versions so please check it in wordpress site)

  1. PHP  (As describe in WordPress official site)
  2. MySql (As describe in WordPress official site)
  3. webserver (locally you can use for Ex. Xammp)


Step 1 :  Download WordPress latest version

  • Download wordpress from this link :


  • After download extract it in your web root directory or in sub folders like WordPress-setup


Step 2 :  WordPress Installation – Select language  


  • Open this folder on your web-browser for Ex.-http://localhost/wordpress-setup
  • you can see the first window of WordPress application for language selection so please select a language which is you prefer  and press continue


Step 3 :  Create Database and configure it with WordPress


  • Before any thing WordPress inform you it want database information  like database name,username,password and host
  • make sure you are enabled create file permission in your pc. WordPress create wp-config file dynamically so WordPress want write  file permission other wise we need to create manually the wp-config.php file from there sample file


wordpress 2 screen



  •  Now go to the the phpmyadmin http://localhost/phpmyadmin and create database “WordPress-setup”
  • After that click on lets g! button on above screen
  • WordPress ask you for  database information
  • I created database wordpress-setup, i used localhost so username and password is by default same
  • username : root
  • password:  “”
  • host : localhost
  • prefix : wp_    (this is table prefix we can change it as we want for example BIC_)

put information on text fields and press submit


Step 4 :  Run installation


  • Now WordPress ask you for run installation

  • Press on run the installation its will redirect to the site information page


Step 5 :  WordPress site information 


  • In this step WordPress ask you for the site information and admin area username and password
  • site title (Your site name),
  • username(admin username ex,admin)
  • password(admin password)
  • Your email(admin email for manage accounts and mails)
  • Search Engine Visibility (this option is for search engine visibility if you check it then search engine will not crawl your website)



  • Now click on the install WordPress button and you can see the WordPress is installed and success window appear
  • in this window you can see the username and login button, click on this button it will redirect to the login page

Now the WordPress is successfully installed and you can see  the website with basic theme on this URL http://localhost/WordPress-setup/


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